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Publications of the CMBA

Published on 5 August 2022

Cortes S, Barette C, Beroud R, De Waard M and Schaack B
Functional characterization of cell-free expressed Kv1.3 channel using a voltage-sensitive fluorescent dye.
Protein Expression and Purification, 2018, 145: 94-99

Soleilhac E, Brillet-Guéguen L, Roussel V, Prudent R, Touquet B, Dass S, Aci-Sèche S, Kasam V, Barette C, Imberty A, Breton V, Vantard M, Horvath D, Botté C, Tardieux I, Roy S, Maréchal E and Lafanechère L
Specific targeting of plant and apicomplexa parasite tubulin through differential screening using in silico and assay-based approaches.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2018, 19(10): Article number 3085

Wallez Y, Bouillot S, Soleilhac E, Huber P, Attrée I and Faudry E
CLIQ-BID: A method to quantify bacteria-induced damage to eukaryotic cells by automated live-imaging of bright nuclei.
Scientific Reports, 2018, 8(1): Article number 5


Do CV, Faouzi A, Barette C, Farce A, Fauvarque MO, Colomb E, Catry L, Berthier-Vergnes O, Haftek M, Barret R and Lomberget T
Synthesis and biological evaluation of thiophene and benzo[b]thiophene analogs of combretastatin A-4 and isocombretastatin A-4: A comparison between the linkage positions of the 3,4,5-trimethoxystyrene unit.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2016, 26(1): 174-180


Barette C, Soleilhac E, Charavay C, Cochet C and Fauvarque MO
Strength and specificity of the CMBA screening platform for bioactive molecules discovery.
Medecine Sciences (Paris), 2015, 31(4): 423-431

Brodin P, DelNery E and Soleilhac E
High Content Screening in chemical biology: Overview and main challenges.
Médecine Sciences, 2015, 31(2): 187-96

Desroches-Castan A, Quelard D, Demeunynck M, Constant JF, Dong C, Keramidas M, Coll JL, Barette C, Lafanechere L and Feige JJ
A new chemical inhibitor of angiogenesis and tumorigenesis that targets the VEGF signaling pathway upstream of Ras.
Oncotarget, 2015, 6(7): 5382-5411

Martinez A, Soleilhac E, Barette C, Prudent R, Gozzi GJ, Vassal-Stermann E, Pillet C, Pietro AD, Fauvarque MO and Lafanechere L
Novel synthetic pharmacophores inducing a stabilization of cellular microtubules.
Current Cancer Drug Targets, 2015, 15(1): 2-13

Murie C, Barette C, Button J, Lafanechère L and Nadon R
Improving detection of rare biological events in High-Throughput Screens.
Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 2015, 20(2): 230-241


Murie C, Barette C, Lafanechère L and Nadon R
Control-Plate Regression (CPR) normalization for High-Throughput Screens with many active features.
Journal of Biomolecular Screen, 2014, 19(5): 661-671


Boussouar A, Barette C, Nadon R, Saint-Léger A, Broucqsault N, Ottaviani A, Firozhoussen A, Lu Y, Lafanechère L, Gilson E, Magdinier F and Ye J
Acacetin and chrysin, two polyphenolic compounds, alleviate telomeric position effect in human cells.
Molecular Therapy. Nucleic Acids, 2013, 2: e116

Murie C, Barette C, Lafanechère L and Nadon R
Single assay-wide variance experimental (SAVE) design for high-throughput screening.
Bioinformatics, 2013, 29(23): 3067-3072

Prudent R, Soleilhac E, Barette C, Fauvarque MO and Lafanechère L
Phenotypic screens or one stone to kill two birds: Discover the target and its pharmacological regulator.
Médecine Sciences, 2013, 29(10): 897-905

Prudent R, Vassal-Stermann E, Nguyen CH, Mollaret M, Viallet J, Desroches-Castan A, Martinez A, Barette C, Pillet C, Valdameri G, Soleilhac E, Di Pietro A, Feige JJ, Billaud M, Florent JC and Lafanechère L
Azaindole derivatives are inhibitors of microtubule dynamics, with anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic activities.
British Journal of Pharmacology, 2013, 168: 673–68


Camara D, Bisanz C, Barette C, Van Daele J, Human E, Barnard B, Van Der Straeten D, Stove CP, Lambert WE, Douce R, Maréchal E, Birkholtz LM, Cesbron-Delauw MF, Dumas R and Rébeillé F
Inhibition of p-aminobenzoate and folate syntheses in plants and apicomplexan parasites by natural product rubreserine
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012, 287(26): 22367-22376

Lo E, Soleilhac E, Martinez A, Lafanechère L and Nadon R
Intensity quantile estimation and mapping-a novel algorithm for the correction of image non-uniformity bias in HCS data.
Bioinformatics, 2012, 28(20): 2632-2639

Prudent R, Vassal-Stermann E, Nguyen CH, Pillet C, Martinez A, Prunier C, Barette C, Soleilhac E, Filhol O, Beghin A, Valdameri G, Honore S, Aci-Seche S, Grierson D, Antonipillai J, Li R, Di Pietro A, Dumontet C, Braguer D, Florent JC, Knapp S, Bernard O and Lafanechere L
Pharmacological inhibition of LIM kinase stabilizes microtubules and inhibits neoplastic growth.
Cancer Research, 2012, 72(17): 4429-4439


Moucadel V, Prudent R, Sautel CF, Teillet F, Barette C, Lafanechere L, Receveur-Brechot V and Cochet C
Antitumoral activity of allosteric inhibitors of Protein kinase CK2.
Oncotarget, 2011, 2(12): 997-1010


Lopez-Ramos M, Prudent R, Moucadel V, Sautel CF, Barette C, Lafanechere L, Mouawad L, Grierson D, Schmidt F, Florent JC, Filippakopoulos P, Bullock AN, Knapp S, Reiser JB and Cochet C
New potent dual inhibitors of CK2 and Pim kinases: Discovery and structural insights.
FASEB Journal, 2010, 24(9): 3171-3185

Soleilhac E, Nadon R and Lafanechère L
High-content screening for the discovery of pharmacological compounds: Advantages, challenges and potential benefits of recent technological developments.
Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, 2010, 5: 135-144


Hoang TM, Favier B, Valette A, Barette C, Nguyen CH, Lafanechère L, Grierson DS, Dimitrov S and Molla A
Benzo[e]pyridoindoles, novel inhibitors of the aurora kinases.
Cell Cycle, 2009, 8(5): 765-772


Prudent R, López-Ramos M, Moucadel V, Barette C, Grierson D, Mouawad L, Florent JC, Lafanechère L, Schmidt F and Cochet C
Salicylaldehyde derivatives as new protein ikinase CK2 inhibitors.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 2008, 1780(12): 1412-1420

Prudent R, Moucadel V, Lopez-Ramos M, Aci S, Laudet B, Mouawad L, Barette C, Einhorn J, Einhorn C, Denis JN, Bisson G, Schmidt F, Roy S, Lafanechère L, Florent JC and Cochet C
Expanding the chemical diversity of CK2 inhibitors.
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, 2008, 316(1-2): 71-85


Barette C
La démarche qualité pour le criblage automatisé in Chemogénomique, des petites molécules pour explorer le vivant, édité par Maréchal E, Roy S and Lafanechère L. EDP Sciences, Grenoble Sciences, 2007, pp 81-87

Fonrose X, Ausseil F, Sans-Soleilhac E, Masson V, David B, Pouny I, Cintrat JC, Rousseau B, Barette C, Massiot G and Lafanechère L
Parthenolide inhibits tubulin carboxypeptidase activity.
Cancer Research, 2007, 67(7): 3371-3378

Laudet B, Barette C, Dulery V, Renaudet O, Dumy P, Metz A, Prudent R, Deshiere A, Dideberg O, Filhol O and Cochet C
Structure-based design of small peptide inhibitors of protein-kinase CK2 subunit interaction.
Biochemical Journal, 2007, 408(3): 363-373


Vassal E, Barette C, Fonrose X, Dupont R, Sans-Soleilhac E and Lafanechère L
Miniaturization and validation of a sensitive multi-parametric cell-based assay for the concomitant detection of microtubule-destabilizing and microtubule-stabilizing agents.
Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 2006, 11: 377-389


Sans-Solheihac E, Barette C, Wieczorek S, Roy S, Maréchal E and Lafanechère L
Criblages phénotypiques et "génétique chimique directe" : une approche innovante pour la découverte de molécules bio-actives et/ou de candidats médicaments.
Spectra Analyse, 2003, 32: 33-37