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TAMIS: Search of bioactive molecules on cellular targets

Published on 5 February 2019

Implied laboratory
Center for the screening for BioActive Molecules (CMBA)
Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG)
Scientific context
The automated screening of chemical compound collections (chemical libraries) allows the discovery of active molecules on biological systems (bio-active molecules). These molecules are new molecular “tools” for research and allow the study of biological functions.
The screening of thousands of compounds requires computer facilities suitable for both backup and analysis of chemical libraries and screening results. The software TAMIS (Tool to Analyse and Manage Informations of Screening) has been developed to respond to these requirements.
Description of the project
The aim of the project is to develop the TAMIS software with the following features:
- chemical libraries management: traceability of the plates, search for chemical or non chemical information on available compounds…
- management of experiment information
- storage of screening results
- analysis of screening results (
following figure)
If you want to see a demonstration of TAMIS, click there.

Graphical interface for screening signals analysis.
Each dot corresponds to a signal. By clicking on a dot, the user can visualize the molecule on which the signal has been acquired. A threshold is set by analyzing the distribution of signals (it is represented in red on the interface). This threshold separates the bioactive molecules (dots in red) from the bioinactive molecules (dots in blue). The control molecules are represented in green (negative controls) and in yellow (positive controls).
Used technologies
Desktop application developed with Java (Swing, Spring, JPA, AspectJ, JUnit, Java2D, JFreeChart) PostgreSQL.