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Morpheus: Search of transcription factor binding sites

Published on 3 October 2020

Implied laboratory
Cell & Plant Physiology laboratory (PCV)
Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble (IRIG)
Scientific context
The control of gene transcription is one of the main processes in the living world. This transcriptional regulation leans on proteins called transcription factors, which stimulate or inhibit the messenger RNA production by fixation on DNA sequences located near a regulated gene. The search for the binding sites of a transcription factor in a genome is an important issue because it allows to determinate which genes are regulated by this factor.
The Floral Regulators team of the PCV laboratory studies the LEAFY (LFY) transcription factor, which controls the development of the flower. In order to discover the binding sites of LFY in genomes of different plant species, this team has developed a software (Morpheus) to search the binding sites of a transcription factor.
Description of the project
Morpheus being of interest to the scientific community working on transcription factors, the researchers of the PCV laboratory have decided to develop with the GIPSE team, a Web site allowing to run on line Morpheus. The site is hosted by the GIPSI team.
The number of requests being limited on this site, the users can download a script version (python language) of Morpheus that they can execute on their own computer to analyze, for example, the sequence of a full genome.
Used technologies
Web application developed with ASP .NET
Minguet EG, Segard S, Charavay C and Parcy F
MORPHEUS, a Webtool for transcription factor binding analysis using position weight matrices with dependency.
PLoS One, 2015, 10(8): e0135586